IOT Wearables, Beyond Steps and Sleep

There are so many things Machine Learning applies to. When Terry Gross spends an hour talking about artificial intelligence on Fresh Air, you know robots and machine learning are top of mind in the public psyche. In her interview with John Markoff, author of, “Machines of Loving Grace,” he cites a broad definition of AI: “A robot can be … a machine that can walk around, or it can be software that is a personal assistant, something like Siri or Cortana or Google Now.”

Modern artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques apply so broadly, they will touch every aspect of our everyday lives (and some already are). At Concrete Interactive, we have chosen to focus on human motion learning—to capture, characterize, and make recommendations on how to improve any movement a human can perform. And just think of how many movements a person can do!

Owing to over a decade of experience with sensors, data acquisition, and control systems, our machine learning techniques are specialized to be able to detect nuanced motion, to see through the noisy signals that sensors produce, and to identify, count and judge accuracy on thousands of different motions. Weightlifting form, the beautifully aligned yoga pose, the perfect golf swing, medical grade fall prediction are all examples of how machine learning can help people perform better, improve faster and reduce injury.

Beyond Steps & Sleep

What sensors can we use? The accelerometers that are already in the smartphone in your pocket or purse to start!  And the wearable on your wrist, the one clipped to your shoe, and the one coming that none of us even know about.

Capture, characterize and improve human motion
Our mission is to capture, characterize and improve human motion.


Our platform is designed to integrate with many wearables.

Think of Photoshop, where you can edit images captured with many different cameras, at many different resolutions, in many formats. Similarly, wearables may have different numbers of sensors, they may be worn on different parts of the body, but they are all measuring the same motions we wish to track.

Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Tracker
Garmin Vivosmart Fitness Tracker