Velocity : Meaning from Motion

When Velocity wanted to build a machine learning system to analyze human motion, Concrete Interactive incubated the innovation.

We often provide complete engineering resources to start-ups and enterprise that want to launch new endeavors. Velocity’s scale requirements: over 20 million new records per day with peak transactions of 80,000 per second and a five millisecond latency made this a fast-paced project involving deep-learning, iOS app development and extensive knowledge of real-time bidding systems for digital advertising.

Velocity’s insight was to build the “Operating System for Human Motion,” a suite of machine learning training tools, and real-time prediction based on motion sensor data from millions of smartphones. Their first application determines real-time attention based on the way a person physically moves with their phone, a metric Velocity calls “Receptivity.” In simple terms, the way you move says a lot about whether you’ll respond to an ad. For instance if you are driving a car, that’s a bad time. But a passenger would be much more likely to click and engage.


“The Concrete Interactive team was instrumental from concept to production launch, bringing new ideas, new architecture, and a really vast set of skills to bear when building the Velocity platform.”